Come Join Me in Tryon, North Carolina

November 17-18

30 minutes South of Asheville, NC

For a Beginners Acrylic painting Workshop

Thursday, November 17th and Friday, the 18th, 2016  

Tribute to a Great Man

May we remember our brother, for his good nature, strong laugh and that he Lived, with much Love...and may we all be as lucky to say the same!! I hope to live as he remind those I love be kinder and forgive as much as possible.  For us all who knew him well....May we take every opportunity as Jimmy would, with a light hearten chuckle and a slow "yeah, right" response.  As we salute farewell to a great man,

Captain Jimmy Ray. Until we meet again, my brother, May you rest in peace.  

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Fresh off the press

The first of many Art Cards

On the backside are details on how to unlock your true path and turn your dreams into reality: 


"4 Key Elements to find your Path"

Live with Courage

Visualize your Life

Have a sense of Wonder

Have Compassion

It measures 4"x 5 

( #1 Art Card of Contemplative series, with a limited supply) 



See you out and about.


"All the World's a Stage"

A Story within a Story

"Abigail's Miss Fortune Adventure"


      When Abigail's mother disappears, she is left behind to deal with the relentless teasing from the kids in school. She finds comfort in her new drama teacher, Miss Fortune, who encourages her on a mysterious path.  Abby discovers insight within obstacles created from well meaning, however often, deceitful, threshold guardians.  Twisting through time, with interesting travel companions,  changing scenes, Abby discovers that those she meets on her journey, are not always what they appear.  Unfamiliar landscapes and unusual characters along with misguided intentions leads our heroine towards danger, mystery and possibly the greatest adventure of all...finding herself.

      A young adult fantasy novel, accompanied with multiple paintings that I have been working on for over 3 years.  

Stay tuned for more to come.