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You caught me at a rare place as I was out collecting sticks all day. When the wind begins to turn cold, I find it necessary to whittle. Turning willow, birch and pine branches into art. I keep them stacked against trees til they are needed to bring me joy. More on these unrefined timbers when I have the time to do so, but for now I am in a hurry share a story with you.


Before you com inside this web-funnel a bit of word-to-the-wise.  

I believe in Magic and Power behind words.

Both have been around for many a moon and will continue for plenty more. Mothers told stories around fires to keep the children away from wolves. Writers, poets and music makers, conjure ways to help you be the best version of yourself or at the very least, entertain. 


Artist tell stories with their art. For you to create from you own life experience. What I have created, whether it be paintings, stories or carving sticks, reflects an inner desire to share my intuitive self and how I am able to find my muse.  Through this journey, my story, I want to help you as well.

So, if you dare...let's begin

There is a deep well buried by foxglove and fiddlehead ferns miles behind Old Marley's Farm. Legend has it that when it is time for salmon to swim upstream to lay their eggs, some get lost and find another way. A passage like no other through wild creek beds and winding river. And by the time they reach the gorge they are doomed to the fight of the three sisters. Years ago... 



 "Frida in LA"

Reproductions are a available right here

24"x36" for $140 

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Le Shoppe

A personal collection picked by me for your pleasure

         Every purchase you make, whether from my art, prints, downloads or This Shoppe of Curious Things helps to maintain a sacred place for me to create as well as you supporting a living artist. 

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