Fresh off the press

Artists are often challenged between creative expression and survival 

After 3 years of production with very little personal income, I am at that point of needing assistance in order to reach my goals.   

So I came up with an idea

"Sell-able" art for a small Donation 


For a one time contribution, I will send you a different Art Card each month for one year

Along with my latest newsletter of work, travels, upcoming events and discoverys.    




Your contribution helps me in 

Producing Art, Creating Workshops and Community Events, and On The Road Painting en Plein Aire.

Keepin' the Art Flowing 

Thank you for your Support

For a one time Contribution of 


You get 12 Inspirational Art Cards

A different card each month delivered for one year

Click right here

This is the first one to be mailed directly to you.  Each month, I will send you word via my newsletter to see which one you are to expect next, as well as those that you might have missed.  

Front Side

Back Side

donating = loving and supporting an Artist

Bringing you (ad-free) findings of well researched finding along with time spent painting, Art takes hundreds of hours each month. If you find any joy and stimulation with my work, please consider becoming a Supporting Member with a recurring monthly donation of your choosing that is less than a nice lunch, or any amount you choose for a one time donation.  And again, my deepest thanks for your patronage. 


monthly donation suggestions                       one-time donation 

                                 ♥ $20 / month                                                                         or  Become a one-time patron with

                                                                                                                                   ♥  a single donation in any amount

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