Nancy Ray Taylor

When the wind begins to turn cold, I find it necessary to whittle. Turning willow, birch and pine branches into art. I keep them stacked against trees until they are needed to spark intuition

You see, I am a storyteller and 

I believe in Magic and Power behind unspoken words.

My art begins with trusting the process of the first steps and waiting, until I see the final result. Thus, a story to unfold. 

This painting is "I have a secret to tell," and she came to me through layers of transparent paint that I placed the canvas. I rarely dive in a painting knowing what will happen. Because trusting the process and believing, is so much more fun.


Click the links below to find more painted stories and make sure to follow me as I am lead on a wonderful journey into the wood.


 "LA Girl"

Giclee' Reproduction 

24"x36" for $140 

Available Reproductions and Prints 

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